Everyone in our area has them, some love them. Some hate them and try to get rid of them. We enjoy them and it's always fun for the little's to get to go out and pick the flowers.

One thing you can make out of them is a salve, dandelions actually have medicinal purposes and are great for pain relief. To make a salve you need to pick your dandelions, allow them to dry for a day or two. At that point you're going to stuff as many as you can into a jar and cover with a carrier oil of your choice. I choose either olive or avocado oil for mine.

After they sit for a 2-6 weeks in a dark spot you will put them into a cheese cloth and get as much oil as you can out of the dandelions.

Then you will mix 3.5 oz of your dandelion oil with .5 oz of a beeswax pellet. Add your oil and beeswax to a pot and cook until melted. At this point you can add in some essential oils for added scent or properties, I like to add in lavender for its calming properties for skin, but it is not necessary. Pour into containers like small salve tins that you can get on Amazon and allow to harden. This is great for Achy muscles and joints, dry chapped skin!


They second thing we make is Dandelion Jelly! Yes, a lot of people haven't heard of this but it is sooo yummy! It tastes like honey!!

Dandelion Jelly

Here is a link to the BEST recipe I have found for the dandelion jelly!



Who knew what most consider just regular weeds are actually beneficial to us!

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