If your on Tik-Tok chances are you at one time or another came across a video with these ooey, gooey, cheesy meat filled tacos at least once. Back when I first got on Tik Tok these were all the craze! Tacos are one of my favorite foods, which I think is pretty common for most people. At the time, no restaurants were open (Hello 2020, end of days times). So I started making my own and let me tell you, it is worth the work. The all day slow roasting to make this fall apart flavorful meat. Seriously, everyone who has eaten this LOVES it!


The recipe is long, it seems daunting but I promise once you make these once you'll make them again. It seems hard but it is so easy! This recipe is one that I usually make on a Sunday, we are home all day and its a great comfort food. You'll have left overs for the rest of the week.



4 Lb chuck roast

1 large onion

8 cloves of garlic

5 bay leaves

1 cinnamon stick

1 TBSP whole pepper corns

1TBSP toasted coriander (regular works too if you don't have toasted)

6 dried guajillo Chilis

4 dried chilis de arbol

5 dried ancho chilis

  1. In a 8qt enamel dutch oven put 2tbsp olive oil and heat. Season your roast with salt and pepper on both sides. Then put in hot pan and brown all sides of your roast.
  2. cover roast with water and add all the above ingredients.
  3. Turn heat down and simmer for one hour.

Remove all the stuff besides the meat and broth into a blender and add the following ingredients:

3 more bay leaves

5 more garlic cloves

4 whole cloves

1 small chunk of pealed ginger

1 tsp pepper corns

3 tsp oregano

2 tsp cumin

2 tsp thyme

1/3 cup white vinegar

2 TBSP smoked paprika

1/4 cup chicken bouillon

*I buy the big thing of Knorr you can find it in the Hispanic section of grocery stores, it is the BEST BOUILLON*

4. Add in some of your broth and blend until smooth. Pour sauce back over meat.

5. Cook for additional 3-4 hours on low or until meat falls apart.

6. Shred meat and reserve broth.

7. Heat a skillet or Blackstone and add some oil.

8. Get your corn tortillas out. I prefer the mission extra thin tortillas. Any will do. Dip tortillas in broth and put on your hot skillet. Add Oaxaca cheese, also known as Mexican melting cheese. Add meat, cilantro and onion. Once cheese is melted fold tortilla in half to make a taco. Cook until each side is crispy.

9. Enjoy! We use the broth as dipping sauce for these tacos. The broth is to DIE FOR.


Tips and tricks.

If you don't have an enamel coated dutch oven, brown meat in a cast iron pan then cook in a stock pot that will fit.

Keep oil on your pan when frying the tacos. This is what makes them crunchy.

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