My Favorite Amazon Products!

My Favorite Amazon Products!

Here is where you will find my current most favorite things we use on our farm. Whether it be my favorite informational books, garden tools or household tools!


Garden and Seed Starting

Markers for tags
Vegetable tags for seedlings
Grow light stand
6" nursery Pots

Canning supplies

Presto 22qt Pressure Canner - My stove top canner I use for larger batches I can get a ton of jars into this canner.
Presto 12 qt electric pressure canner- This is my FAVORITE canner I own. It is super easy to use, you can walk away after the first few steps. It's smaller so you can only get 4 jars in it at a time but for small batches it is perfect!
Superb Canning lids- After a ton of lid failures a couple years ago, I switched from ball canning lids to these! They are AMAZING, I have never had a lid failure. They are made here in the US.
*I am an amazon affiliate and when you buy stuff through these links, we may or may not earn a small kick back*
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